Having a baby is never without its ups and downs, but one of the most basic hardships of pregnancy can be getting a good night’s sleep. It’s especially challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position for a growing belly, and while there is debate about whether or not sleeping on yourRead More →

Fluorescent-tagged cells in the hippocampus (A), including engram cells (D). Credit: Zhang et al., JNeurosci 2019 Physical manifestations of negative memories in the hippocampus could underlie cognitive symptoms of depression, according to research in mice published in JNeurosci. Inhibiting these manifestations could be a future treatment route. Groups of neurons thatRead More →

Apart from being happy and excited, all moms-to-be are super worried about their unborn baby. All they want is that these nine months of pregnancy pass without any trouble. Though most pregnancies result in a healthy baby but pregnancy problems can and do happen. If you are pregnant and experience any of these symptoms,Read More →

The number of pregnant women using marijuanaTrusted Source has grown slightly in recent years, despite many warnings about the harms marijuana use can inflict on growing babies. Past research has found the percent of women using cannabis while pregnant increased from about just under 2 to over 3 percent. Some women use the drugRead More →