For many expectant moms, the tedious final days before the due date are spent going to baby showers, stocking the refrigerator, or getting the nursery ready. Natalie Lynch spent the last two weeks of her pregnancy in a prison cell, mostly alone. “It’s eerie. It’s quiet, cold …” Lynch said. “It’sRead More →

Follow a healthy diet to avoid stretch marks. By Ghazal Alagh Research shows that about 90 per cent of new and expecting mothers find stretch marks as one of the most worrisome issues during and post their pregnancy. Being a natural process, the stretch marks cannot actually be prevented, however,Read More →

Researchers have recently investigated the potential benefits of tomato juice on cardiovascular risk. Although the team reported reductions in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the results are not entirely convincing. Can tomato juice protect against cardiovascular disease? Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for the most deaths in the United States. People can modifyRead More →

Popular around the world, carrots are crunchy and highly nutritious root vegetables. They’re commonly claimed to keep your eyes healthy and improve night vision. However, you may wonder about the origin of this idea and whether it’s supported by science. This article tells you whether carrots benefit your eyes andRead More →

Whichever outcome you’re hoping for, waiting to find out whether you are pregnant can be nerve-racking. While some mothers say that they ‘just knew’ that they have conceived, that’s not the case for the vast majority of women. The first recorded version of a pregnancy test was used by theRead More →