5 things I learned from my first pregnancy that I want all expecting moms to know

5 things I learned from my first pregnancy that I want all expecting moms to know
When I was pregnant for the first time, I was a ball of nerve. Every single moment, I would fear about something going terribly wrong. I stopped traveling by car and autos because I got to know that the chances of miscarriage are higher if your mode of travel is not stable. My nausea was one of the things that really made it worse for me and so I completely cut out a lot of food groups from my diet to ensure that I don’t suffer from food-induced nausea. It was my first pregnancy and instead of asking things from my doctor, I was in a mode where I felt ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’.
Talk to your doctor
In my first pregnancy, I had severe nausea in the first trimester and towards the end, I also ended up having a bad case of constipation. But I was too ashamed to discuss it with my gynecologist and so I continued to silently suffer. I would go to the doctor and pretend like everything was fine. It was only later that I got to know that constipation could have made things extremely critical for the yet-to-be-born. And so for the second pregnancy, I made sure that I discussed all issues with my gynecologist. I took timely recommendations and unlike the first time, my bowel movements were smoother and I devised ways to treat my nausea too.

Take care of your diet
I felt averse to certain food groups during my first pregnancy and I completely shun them out of my diet. I would feast on ice creams and yoghurts because I had developed the fear of throwing up anything else I would eat. While I was having multi vitamins and other tablets, I forgot that nothing beats real food. And so for my second pregnancy, I always worked out ways to include healthy foods in my diet. I used to have coconut water every day and a plate of fruits midday and every evening. Moreover, I made sure I included lots of fresh vegetables in my diet.

Don’t stop doing things you like
I was working out before I found out I was pregnant with my first child and the first thing I did was – I stopped going to the gym. I assumed I needed to rest more and that was the best way of taking care of my growing baby. But that was the reason I gained 22 kilos during my first pregnancy. I was a little more cautious when I was second time pregnant. I looked for Yoga teachers in my vicinity but finally I just downloaded an app and did breathing and stretching exercises almost every day. I also downloaded a meditation app and practiced it for a minimum of 10 minutes every day.

Invest in a good pregnancy pillow
Sleep starts to evade you as soon as you get pregnant and I was naturally under a lot of stress due to that. But in my second pregnancy, I actually went ahead and bought a big pregnancy pillow that helped me sleep better at night. Most expecting moms tend to overlook this aspect and keep struggling all night through. But there are ways we can deal with it.

Stay active, do not quit your job
I had made the biggest mistake of quitting my job in my second trimester when I got pregnant with my first child. I look back today and realise that it was a big mistake. When one is pregnant, they should look at every opportunity to stay active and do things they would do normally. Quitting your job suddenly gives you a reason to stay idle, which is not good for your mental as well as physical health – unless of course your doctor recommends you to do that.