A woman from Maharashtra is pregnant for the 20th time

In a rare occurrence, a 38-year-old woman who has had 16 successful deliveries and three abortions so far, is now ready for her 20th baby.
The woman is from Beed district of Maharashtra and has completed seven months of her 20th pregnancy. Each time she delivered a single child and five of them died within a few days or hours of the delivery, while 11 have survived. And the three abortions were done around when she was three months pregnant.

Lankabai Kharat was spotted by a local health official who was stunned to hear about her being pregnant for the 20th time. This delivery would be her first delivery in the hospital, before this, all the deliveries were performed at her home. She will be hospitalised in the local government hospital for delivery this time to avoid any complication and infection.

A woman’s uterus is the organ within which the foetus develops. The uterus is a muscle, which with each successive pregnancy stretches. As a result of this, a woman who has had many pregnancies, her uterus has a hard time contracting after the placenta separates. Placenta is the organ that connects the foetus of the mother’s blood supply separates.

This creates the risk of massive bleeding as the uterus has been weakened by multiple pregnancies. And the drug to cause contractions becomes less successful.

The scar tissues from the previous pregnancies can cause a problem with the placenta, which can lead to additional risks, including premature birth, said the doctor handing Lankabai’s case.