Heart attack is a leading cause of death worldwide and new treatment strategies are highly sought-after. Unfortunately lasting damage to the heart muscle is not uncommon following such an event. Published in Redox Biology, the pre-clinical study sheds new light on the potential of the acute therapy with ?-TOH (vitamin E)Read More →

In a rare occurrence, a 38-year-old woman who has had 16 successful deliveries and three abortions so far, is now ready for her 20th baby. The woman is from Beed district of Maharashtra and has completed seven months of her 20th pregnancy. Each time she delivered a single child and fiveRead More →

Ask a patient with depression how long it takes for them to feel fully awake in the morning and you are liable to get some revealing answers. Fatigue is common in depression, and one of the causes of that fatigue is sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is a transitional state betweenRead More →

The feeling of motherhood is beyond words, it brings with it a wave of happiness as well as agony. The phase is very crucial for both, the expecting mother as well as for the baby. Pregnancy is one of the very pivotal stages in the life of a woman, whereinRead More →

It’s quite normal to have food cravings during pregnancy. Your taste buds can act weird during this nine-month journey and you will have irresistible urge to eat some particular food items. This symptom of pregnancy is pretty normal and almost all pregnant women experience it. From pickles to ice cream,Read More →