The mental trauma suffered by those who have lost their hair should not be underestimated, a support group has said. There are calls for greater support services given the thousands of people every year in Northern Ireland who have to access a wig service as a result of cancer treatment,Read More →

Okay, so you’re on the keto diet and losing some serious weight—but you’re also noticing a little more hair in the shower drain…and in your hair brush…and all over your clothes. What gives? Is keto to blame? Unfortunately, maybe. The Instagram hashtag #ketohairloss is full of horror stories (and before-and-after pics) of peopleRead More →

The Global Hair Loss & Growth Treatments and Products Market research report- 2024 asset the Key players to better understand the Market trends and to knowledge opportunities and articulate critical business strategies. Also includes company profiles of Hair Loss & Growth Treatments and Products Pigments Market key players contact information, grossRead More →

Hair loss, at best, is a disconcerting issue to have. With the change in seasons and pollution levels only rising, hair loss problems only seem to be going from bad to worse. It’s a terrible conundrum for both men and women – but the loss of healthy locks is perhapsRead More →

Why am I losing hair? Is it due to poor nutrition, some disease or is it due to dandruff? Well, if you are dealing with dandruff and hair loss at the same time, it is quite easy to presume that it is dandruff which is robbing you of your hair.Read More →

Think that your hair needs something extra to get back its natural radiance and smoothness? While you maybe dedicatedly following a hair care routine, sometimes it’s not enough if you don’t have the right ingredients that can provide the nourishment it needs. When your hair is weak and fragile, it’sRead More →