Hanamkonda: The importance of psychologists has increased manifold in the country, Kakatiya University Registrar K Purushotham said. He was the chief guest at the two-day national seminar on ‘Promoting Positive Psychology Mental Health and Well-being – Challenges and Opportunities’, jointly organised by the Department of Psychology and SDLCE of Kakatiya University,Read More →

Maggie Gee explores ‘the ways in which men exercise control through fear’. Photograph: Colin McPherson/Corbis via Getty Images Blood is a multilayered title in Maggie Gee’s latest novel. It’s thicker than water, binding together a violent and dysfunctional family in complicated loyalties, and it’s also splashed around with gusto in aRead More →

DID YOU HEAR about how the recent California wildfires were set intentionally? From an airplane? With a laser? To clear a path for a railroad? While your cousin may have obtained his information from some guys at the gym, this idea can also be found on social media, along with otherRead More →

Dr. Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson is a Registered Doctoral Psychologist with expertise in Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Human Resource Development. He earned qualifications in Social Work too. His research interests include memes as applied to self-knowledge, the evolution of religion and spirituality, the Aboriginal self’s structure, residential school syndrome, prior learningRead More →

Humans are unusual among mammal species in their strong tendency to engage in long-term sexual relationships. Most mammal dads are deadbeats — contributing their bit of sperm to the reproductive process, but having nothing to do with mom or the kids after that. Among humans, however, monogamy is the norm —Read More →