Ask a patient with depression how long it takes for them to feel fully awake in the morning and you are liable to get some revealing answers. Fatigue is common in depression, and one of the causes of that fatigue is sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is a transitional state betweenRead More →

The nine months journey of pregnancy is no less than a roller coaster ride for every mom-to-be. From tears of joy to the fear of getting a miscarriage, a woman experiences extreme of everything during her pregnancy. Not just emotional, there are many physical discomforts caused in the body due to hormonalRead More →

Resveratrol has also been linked to a number of other health benefits(Credit:Sandralise/Depositphotos) First of all, no one is suggesting that if you suffer from depression and anxiety, you should drink a lot of red wine. That would ultimately not help the situation. However, it turns out that a plant-derived compound in the wine –Read More →

For many expectant moms, the tedious final days before the due date are spent going to baby showers, stocking the refrigerator, or getting the nursery ready. Natalie Lynch spent the last two weeks of her pregnancy in a prison cell, mostly alone. “It’s eerie. It’s quiet, cold …” Lynch said. “It’sRead More →

Pregnancy is a special time for mom and baby. It’s also a time when the immune system is weaker than usual making moms susceptible to certain infections that might be highly detrimental to a developing baby. Since mother and baby share everything during this time, vaccination is the best wayRead More →